Greenwich Stories

By on Aug 2, 2011

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During our tea party at the National Maritime Museum our guests created 4 great stories. Read on to see what they came up with…..

Story 1

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning in Greenwich Park, Mr & Mrs Smith happened upon the stately structure of Greenwich National Maritime Museum and decided to visit the exhibition of Brian ‘The Corkscrew’ Turner, who, despite only having one arm, was quite the accomplished swimmer nad held records on three continents. More famous than Brian was probably the author Tom Wolfe, creator of ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’, who is although unknown to him, the descendants of an illustrious forebear James whose image adorns the hill, high in Greenwich Park. Ah! I omitted to mention the statue abuts the Royal Observatory where you find the Meridian line & Flamsteeds House. Flamsteed being the first astronomer Royal.

Story 2

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning in Greenwich Park, Mr & Mrs Jones enjoyed the beautiful views as they sought a spot for their picnic. They walked along the river front toward the awesome Cutty Sark. The very same place 50 years to the day they pledged their love for each other and vowed to spend the rest of their lives together.

‘Have you forgotten the blanket?’ said the man.

With my 4 sons, a favourite walk and dog Jellieve, the park children and a football. Jellieve off his lead, he was a very friendly dog who tended to visit family groups in the park.

Guess what happens next?

The family picnic is scoffed and mother has to offer profuse apologies. Greenwich Park is a great family playground and long may it continue to be so.

Story 3

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning in Greenwich Park, Mr & Mrs Smith were walking their dog in the park, when they saw the dome of the Royal Observatory. Why was this area so popular?

They didn’t know this so had to look up on Wikipedia to find out. Unfortunately they didn’t own an iPhone or Blackberry so the only information available to them was from books in the library!

Story 4

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning in Greenwich Park, Mr & Mrs Offer decided to come down to visit the museum after 100 years after leaving the place for the first time. It is 2037……..

Mr & Mrs Offer’s children, using a hover drive skateboard to travel up to the Royal Observatory to open the memory box buried under the Planetarium. They found the map of a treasure in a parallel universe. They have to create a black hole to discover the hoard. It is most likely that the hole will be below rather than above ground if the treasure is to be tangible.

‘Our riches are our collections – not forgetting our buildings, for eg the Queen’s House, Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum.

All in all 4 great tales created!



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