Grandpa’s Anytime Tea at Sadia’s Commonwealth Kenyan Tea Party

By on May 26, 2012

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This Sunday we will be hosting our Kenyan style tea party at the Queens’ House, National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. This tea party  is part of a series of 3 that are part of the events programme for the ‘Royal River: Power, Pageantry and the Thames’ exhibition, further information can be found here:


Serving tea from the Commonwealth at these tea parties, did you know that tea is one of Kenya’s main exports? In fact, Kenya exports more tea than Sri Lanka, India, and China!

In Kenya, anytime is tea time. When it comes to drinks, Kenya tea in the form of Chai (tea with milk and sugar) is the beverage of choice. It is served for breakfast, at mealtimes and also during Kenya’s regular teatime. Clearly, Kenya culture embraces many different cultural influences: teatime is a custom borrowed from the British colonial past and the Chai style of cooking tea originated in India.

Kenya is also part of England’s royal history. It was in Kenya in February 1952 that Princess Elizabeth learned that she had become Queen. Staying at Treetops Hotel in the Aberdare National Park she received word from Buckingham Palace that her father, King George VI, had died. Her vacation cut short, she flew back to England where she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II.

At this tea party were really excited we’ll be serving Grandpa’s Anytime Tea courtesy of the Royal Tea of Kenya


Arthur Njuguna Komo aged 112, is officially the world’s oldest tea farmer, Arthur still farms tea in the foothills of Mount Kenya and this tea is aptly named after him by his granddaughter Joy Njuguna. Joy sells teas from her family’s farms in Kenya and in honor of her grandfather, she has created this special blend of tea.

You can read more about Arthur’s fascinating story here.

Looking forward to Sunday!

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